United Athletic Services Mission:
Group photoUnited Athletic Services mission is to provide student athletes across the country with assistance both on and off the field/court. We are fully committed to providing the best services we can to help student athletes accomplish their academic and athletic goals that they are striving to achieve.

ABOUT United Athletic Services (UAS):
7 team 10.28-3United Athletic Services is designed to provide services to student athletes and parents of the athletes. Our services are provided to student athletes across the country who are looking for assistance in their efforts to compete at the collegiate level of their desired sport. UAS does not guarantee that an athlete will be awarded an athletic scholarship but we do guarantee our best effort in helping the student athlete better themselves.

UAS also offers exposure through our travel 7 on 7 football team (UAS Blaze) and Summer College camp tours. Our tutoring and mentoring programs are lead by Mr. Kenneth Manuel, a 21 year United States Army veteran. Our football division will be lead by Greg Betterson, Jared Buckner, Devaughn Jones and James Mallory.

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